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I: Market of Interests

Most people don’t put too much focus into discovering what makes them feel good, what are their talents and hobbies, what are the fields they are particularly good at. When we use our talents we become more efficient in changing the world for better. We can see it in the stories of changemakers from all over the world! During the workshop, participants will hear stories of different changemakers, they will also have a chance of discovering their own talents and interests.


Author: Anna Książek

Translation: Agnieszka Bernaś-Sobieraj

Proofreading: Andrea Pucci


Main objectives:

  • Discovering talents, passions and interests of the participants.

During the workshop participants will:

  • Try different kinds of activities to identify those they enjoy;

  • Identify their talents and interests;

  • Learn the importance of patience and persistence in realizing their passions;

  • Get to know stories of changemakers from around the world


1. A letter from travellers

Dear everyone!

Do you remember us? We’re Anna and Andrea - a Polish-Italian couple who travel around the world seeking inspiring stories of changemakers. A changemaker is a person who changes the world, leaving it a bit better than it was. We had visited South-East Asia and Europe, and we spent last year in South America. We have gathered over 300 stories of different changemakers. They are so interesting and so inspiring that we want to share them also with you! The most interesting thing is that almost every changemaker had started their journey of changing the world from developing their own talents and interests. We met changemakers who love playing instruments, or those who spend their free time doing sport. We have talked to people who adore chocolate, reading, cooking… And it turns out that each of those interests may be used to make a change! But first, you need to discover your special gifts and interests, which is not as easy as it seems. That’s why today we want to invite you to take part in the Market of Interests. During the Market you’ll have a chance to try different things and decide which of them are the most enjoyable for you. You’ll also hear some stories of changemakers and by the end of the meeting you’ll decide if you want to continue your journey with us and get to know other stories!

Anna and Andrea

You can read about Anna and Andrea’s journey on the website:

2. Market of Interests

For the first 20 – 30 minutes participants may walk around the stalls in the Market of Interests freely, they can try the presented activities. Below, we present the description of 6 example of stalls. However, you can add your own depending on the interests of the participants, available materials, educators etc.

Proposed stalls:


Here participants may get to know different circus tricks: they can try juggling, poi spinning (weights hanged on chains or strings used also during fire dance), dancing with sash, pantomime etc.

Art – Jewellery

Participants can make different kinds of bracelets and necklaces of crewel and beading. You may also propose making jewellery from recyclable materials.

Art – painting

This is a spot where participants will find different types of crayons, paints, paper. They will have a chance to try different techniques of drawing and painting.


A spot where participants can do different exercises. You may use balls and other available sport equipments.


In this stall, participants will find various fruit, vegetable and other edible products. They can mix them trying to create new interesting tastes.


Here, participants may try playing various instruments, for instance flute, guitar, drums.

After visiting all of the Market stalls, participants choose one of them where they stay for another 20-30 minutes. They can deepen their skills and see the importance of patience and persistence. The people who run the activities should, from the very beginning, emphasise the vital role of these features in changing the world. They will also tell the story of a changemaker who uses this particular quality in his or her project. After telling the story participants are offered a more complex task.


Story of a changemaker: Learn to fly

Example tasks:

  • Prepare your own juggling balls from old socks and rice.

  • Learn to juggle with 3 balls.

  • Prepare your own poi: weights on a string (you can again use old socks and rice).

  • Prepare a short pantomime of a given topic (my typical day, the best birthday, dream holidays).

Art – Jewellery

Story of a changemaker: Roma means human

Example tasks:

  • Prepare a bracelet/necklace using a technique of choice.

  • Prepare an adorned jewellery box using waste (recycling).

Art – painting

Story of a changemaker: Box of art

Example tasks:

  • Draw/paint a piece, for example of your group, using a technique of choice.


Story of a changemaker: Run for change

Example tasks:

  • Run a given distance as fast as you can.

  • Prepare a short gymnastics show.

  • Prepare a short warm up for your group. Your warm up should include exercises for each body part.


Story of a changemaker: Sweet happens

Example tasks:

  • Prepare a salad from the given products.

  • Contest for the most beautiful sandwich.

  • Contest for the most delicious dessert.


Story of a changemaker: The sound of garbage

Example tasks:

  • Make your own instrument using waste (recycling).

  • Play a song using a chosen instrument.

  • Sing a chosen song.

3. Summary of the Market of Interests – Presentations

Participants from different stalls present their work. While summing up, ask participants how they felt during their tasks. What have they learned about themselves? What was the most enjoyable? Or maybe they have some other hobby they would like to present to others during the next meeting? Discuss together what hobbies and interests may have children from other parts of the world. Do they like similar activities? Is there anyone interested in travelling? Other cultures? Foreign languages? Are they interested in taking a trip through Europe and South America together with Anna and Andrea and in discovering various changemakers from those places?

4. Finishing the meeting

Teach your participants the group shout to be used while opening and closing meetings about the changemakers (or remind it to them if they had taken part in the workshops presented in the book “Changemakers. Aiming for the good”).

We change the world together

To make everything better

For people and for nature

This is our adventure


Additional tasks for the group:

  • Together with the participants, organise a new Market of Interests, open for other children. Encourage your participants to run their own stalls.

  • Discuss what could you do with the things created during the Market (bracelets, paintings, salads etc). Maybe there are people you could give them to and bring them some joy?


Do you see any mistake in the text? Do you want to support us in translating scenarios and stories to different languages? Don't hesitate to contact us! We are constantly looking for people to help us with any language. Let's make together changemaker materials available for more people! -->

More Changemaker stories:

The material published on Changemaker Tool Kit and ExChange The World was developed as creative commons (BY-NC), feel free to use them! As you do it, please, mention the source and the author. In case you use them for commercial purposes, share 10% of the bill with us. This will allow us to continue to develop our work and keep creating new educational material. You can do so by supporting our crowdfunding campaign ( or contacting us directly, especially in case you need an invoice (


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